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Hello Namaste to all Tamu friends,

I am a facebook user too, but facebook is really manipulating us through their huge advertising network without respecting it's members. I often notice scam related, adult related advertisements appearing in front of our eyes disturbing our privacy.

Most of us do not know how and why facebook gives us free access to everything.
The real story behind this is, as everybody knows, "THE FREE LUNCH DOES NOT EXIST" and when we see free stuff, We get involved everywhere (google, gmail, twitter, viber to name a few).
But we don't realise what happens behind those closed curtains. As their users grow in millions, they offer adverising spaces, newsletters etc
charging companies millions of dollars that they make on our head.
Most surprisingly, you might even receive unknown telephone calls from strangers offering you services, email offers, sma on your mobile and so on.
It is because your precious information was unfortunately shared without your authorisation.

This is what the internet freedom is all about.

That was one of the reasons why I thought to create a platfarm for our Tamu, Gurung Community who are living in all parts of the world. This platfarm lets you meet other gurung friends and share your feelings, ideas, cultures etc etc in one place.
Hope, you will all support my idea and keep Gurung Social Network a successful platfarm in the future.

Thank you all.
NK Gurung